EGI SVG Advisories

Security alerts and/or security advisories will be sent to all EGI site security contacts or NGI security officers by EGI CSIRT using either an EGI broadcasting tool or a pre-established mailing list. They will also be listed on this page. They may cover a wide range of software, including — but not limited to — the EGI middleware.

Since December 2015, new alerts are no longer placed here. All alerts and advisories concerning software vulnerabilities are placed on the SVG page, as a result of a change in procedure. This is regardless of what type of software they refer to, whether Grid Middleware, operating system vulnerabilities, or other software.

SVG Advisories can be found here.

Date Title Contents Rating
2010-XX-XX A brief discription Link to the alert/advisory Critical/High/Moderate/Low Risk

The risk rating is in line with EGI SVG’s practice.

EGI Alerts / Advisories

The following alert bulletins describe security vulnerabilities or immediate threats against one or more sites or the EGI infrastructure and include recommendations and mitigation techniques.

Date Title Contents Rating
2015-11-06 Remote arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities in the core crypto library used by RedHat. Advisory-SVG-2015-CVE-2015-7183 Critical
2015-07-24 libuser local root exploit CVE-2015-3245, CVE-2015-3246 for RedHat CSIRT Alert libuser-2015-07-24 Critical
2015-05-29 SSL TLS ‘Logjam’ vulnerability (CVE-2015-400) CSIRT Alert Logjam-2015-05-29 Low
2015-05-15 VENOM: QEMU vulnerability (CVE-2015-3456) CSIRT Alert VENOM-2015-05-13 Low to Critical
2015-05-07 Linux vulnerabilities CVE-2015-1318 CVE-2015-1862 CVE-2015-3315 CSIRT Alert LinuxCVEs-2015-05-07 High (for RH7)
2015-04-15 CVE-2015-2151 Xen Vulnerability Hypervisor memory corruption due to x86 emulator flaw CSIRT Alert Xen-2015-04-15 High
2015-03-30 CVE-2015-1815 RedHat setroubleshoot CSIRT Alert RedHat-setroubleshoot-2015-03-30 Critical
2015-01-30 GNU C Library (glibc) “GHOST” vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235) CSIRT Alert GHOST-glibc-2015-01-30 High
2015-01-06 CVE-2014-9295 - Remote code execution in NTP CSIRT Alert Ntp-2015-01-06 High
2014-10-31 Multiple sites report attempts to exploit CVE-2014-7236 affecting Twiki CSIRT Alert Twiki-2014-10-31 High
2014-10-28 xrootd data protection CSIRT Alert xrootd-2014-10-28  
2014-10-16 ‘POODLE’ vulnerability in SSL version 3 CSIRT Alert POODLE-2014-10-16 Medium
2014-10-01 updated 2014-10-30 Xen MSR vulnerability - potential memory leak across guest VMs CSIRT Alert XSA-108-2014-10-01 High
2014-09-29 Update: ‘shellshock’ vulnerability - arbitrary code execution via crafted environment variables (CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-7177) CSIRT Alert Shellshock-2014-09-29 Critical
2014-09-26 ‘shellshock’ vulnerability - arbitrary code execution via crafted environment variables CSIRT Alert Shellshock-2014-09-26 Critical
2014-07-04 Linux Kernel Privilege escalation vulnerability CVE-2014-3153 CSIRT Alert LinuxKernel-2014-07-04 High
2014-04-08 OpenSSL “Heartbleed” Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) CSIRT Alert OpenSSL-2014-04-08 Critical
2014-04-07 Vulnerability Announced in Lustre CSIRT Alert Lustre-2014-04-07 High
2013-06-19 Advisory concerning puppet vulnerability (CVE 2013-3567) CSIRT Alert puppet-2013-06-19 Critical
2013-05-14 Advisory concerning perf_event kernel vulnerability (CVE-2013-2094) CSIRT Alert kernel-2013-05-14 Critical
2013-03-18 Advisory concerning ptrace kernel vulnerability (CVE-2013-0871) CSIRT Alert kernel-2013-03-18 High
2012-08-01 Advisory concerning gLite 3.2 middleware components no longer supported on 01 August 2012. CSIRT Advisory EGI-ADV-20120801/ Advisory
2012-07-17 Critical - Wrong permissions on directory containing user proxies CSIRT Alert EMI-1-WMS-file-permissions Critical
2012-07-16 Advisory - EGI CSIRT:Advisory; Upgrade gLite-3, RHel4 and derivatives CSIRT Advisory EGI-ADV-20120716 Advisory
2012-02-06 MODERATE RISK - Multiple Vulnerabilities in the libxml (CVE-2012-3919 etc.) CSIRT Alert libxml2-2012-02-06 Moderate
2012-01-23 High risk vulnerability in Linux kernel: Insufficient /proc/pid/mem access control (CVE-2012-0056) CSIRT Alert kernel-2012-01-23 High
2011-12-28 Critical telnetd vulnerability - Remote root vulnerability in telnet daemons (CVE-2011-4862) N/A Critical
2011-06-15 High Risk - Torque Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2011-2907) CSIRT Alert Torque-2011-06-15 High
2011-04-12 HIGH Risk glibc Vulnerability - privilege escalation (CVE-2011-0536) CSIRT Alert glibc-2011-04-12 High
2011-03-30 Critical Vulnerability detected in dCache Admin Web Interface CSIRT Alert dCache-2011-03-30 Critical
2011-01-07 High Risk Kernel Vulnerability:heap overflow in tipc_msg_build() (CVE-2010-3859) CSIRT Alert tipc-2011-01-07 High
2010-12-16 HIGH root vulnerabilities in Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) client software CSIRT Alert tsm-2010-12-16 High
2010-11-18 CRITICAL Local root vulnerability in systemtap (CVE-2010-4170) CSIRT Alert systemtap-2010-11-18 Critical
2010-11-02 HIGH iovec integer overflow in net/rds/rdma.c (CVE-2010-3865) CSIRT Alert rds-rdma-2010-11-02 High
2010-10-23 HIGH Vulnerability in C library dynamic linker (CVE-2010-3856) CSIRT Alert liblinker-2010-10-23 High
2010-10-20 HIGH Local root vulnerability in RDS (CVE-2010-3904) CSIRT Alert rds-2010-10-20 High
2010-10-18 HIGH Vulnerability in C library dynamic linker (CVE-2010-3847) CSIRT Alert liblinker-2010-10-18 High
2010-09-30 RHEL4 patch for CVE-2010-3081 kernel vulnerability (CVE-2010-3081) CSIRT Alert kernel-2010-09-30 Moderate
2010-09-16 Critical Kernel Vulnerability: 64-bit Compatibility Mode Stack Pointer Corruption (CVE-2010-3081) CSIRT Alert kernel-2010-09-16 Critical
2010-08-18 Moderate Impact Vulnerabilities in Elog Web Application CSIRT Alert elog-2010-08-18 Moderate
2010-06-28 Moderate Impact Vulnerability In Intel Compiler Suite CSIRT Alert intel-28-06-2010 Moderate

EGEE Alerts

List of alerts published during EGEE

Date Title Contents Rating
2009-11-24 Critical-risk vulnerabilities CVE-2009-3547 N/A Critical risk
2009-10-20 High-risk vulnerabilities in CREAM CE software CSIRT Alert cream-20-10-2009 High risk
2009-07-09 Remote command execution in Nagios WAP/WML interface CSIRT Alert nagios-09-07-2009 Medium risk
2008-07-29 DNS cache poisoning/spoofing CSIRT Alert dns-29-07-2008 Medium risk
2006-10-23 Critical Vulnerability: OpenPBS/Torque CSIRT Alert openpbs-23-10-2006 Extremely critical